Company’s Background

The full-scale real estate development business is operated under the concept of “Think and Create for Human sustainability”. With this in mind, we develop creations that best respond to demands and well-being of 3 generations, the surrounding environment, well-living and healthiness. We combine convenience with energy-saving to create quality buildings that offer safety and a great community for our customers. The scope of our full-scale business covers the following aspects.

  • Real estate and land investment Support research and feasibility study of investment projects, seek for new and potential projects as investor, project manager or joint venture.
  • Real estate development: Specializing in residential and mix use projects. Each project is unique and built in state-of-the-art design, with quality materials to correspond with residents’ lifestyles and efficient energy consumption. The completed and ongoing projects include Magnolias Southern California Bangna KM. 7, Whizdom Condominium Sukhumvit 64, Magnolias French Country Khaoyai, Magnolia Ratchadamri Boulevard and Magnolias Waterfront Residence ICONSIAM.

We develop the project and give priority to research and develop in human psychology as follow :
  • Home & Well-being It is good to have a better quality of life to live happily, so we focus on details such as surrounding areas, the safety standard, making angle to be curve for buildings, the anti-dust, anti-humidity, anti-fungus, and anti-termites, the premium and non-toxic materials, the lighting, and the ventilation. As a result, the impressive experience to live happily will transfer from generation to generation over and over.
  • Behavior & Psychology We concentrate on beautifully wording “Family” which means we have many generations living in one house or living in surrounding areas. Therefore, we focus on every basic needs and behavior for everyone to live happily. In order to do that we use psychology knowledge such as shading color to make occupants comfortable, lighting brightness and creating good ventilation to treat the depressive disorder. All the things we have done so far is to make a better relationship in family.

We contribute to the public general. A part of our profits are given back to the society and underprivileged people in a systematic, concrete, continual, and sustainable manner. We, therefore, have to entities to partake in corporate social responsibility as follows:
  • iCARE is an organization established with a mission to create projects and activities to foster sound conscience to the society under the concept of “Great ideas for the world I care”. It receives financial support from Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited.